Formal Attire Care Instructions

Ladii Luxe

Something as special as a ball gown, cocktail dress , satin robe, or any sort of formal wear deserves to be handled with the best care possible.  After all, these types of garments are typically investments to be worn on more than one special occasion.  

Tips For Wearing Formal Attire

  • Choose your accessories carefully.  Avoid wearing or carrying items that might leave a snag or mark on your ensemble.
  • Apply makeup, deodorant, hairspray, and moisturizers well before dressing to ensure that they are completely dry.  

  • If you happen to spill something on your formal attire while out, simply blot the area dry with a clean, white cloth and then let it be.  Never scrub or rub because you could damage the garment’s delicate fibers.

Tips For Formal Wear After Care

  • Always clean your formal attire immediately after each wearing even if you don’t see any spills or stains.  Garments like these will be placed in storage for long periods of time, which means that spills and stains can oxidize over time leaving permanent markings.  Additionally, insects and pests are drawn to items like dirt, perspiration, body oils, and food or beverage spills.
  • After your clean Ladii Luxe attire comes home, never store it in one of our poly bags or in a plastic bag, which can trap moisture against garments leading to mold and mildew.  Instead, place them inside an appropriately sized breathable garment bag or cover with a sheet or a clean white cloth to protect garments from dust and sunlight.

  • Where you store your formal wear is equally as important.  Choose a place that is cool, well-ventilated and free from natural and artificial light.