Ladii Luxe Custom Garment Contract

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Order Details



Garment design: Ladii luxe will create a dress for the client using their provided ideas/inspirational photos. Your garment MAY NOT be an exact replica of your inspirational photo. I’ve seen my sketch of my garment, samples, and/or photos and supplies that will be used.

Terms of Payment: Consultation is FREE. 50% deposit/50% final payment due before/on  final pick up

Fitting / Changes: 1-2 fitting may be required before final pick up date. Minor changes are free. Major changes may result in additional costs.

Refund/ Cancelation Process : Ladii luxe cannot accept any returns or cancelations for ANY reason. If the client cancels the custom order or process of production for any reason, no refund for any PRIOR DEPOSITS GIVEN TO Ladii luxe will be issued. Once the client has canceled an order, either by verbal or written communication, Ladii Luxe has the right to stop production of the order and use the garment, fabrics, or material for company use. If the client  of affiliates becomes difficult to work with, Ladii Luxe can cancel services and the  clients refund percentage will be at the discretion of Ladii Luxe. Ladii Luxe is not responsible for any mishaps, including but not limited to rips, tears, broken seams, or stains to the garment once the client has the garment in their possession.



________________________(parent- guardian)

Agree to the price and terms of this order. I acknowledge by my signature below that I have read and agree to Ladii  Luxe policies and expectations regarding my custom garment. This agreement is solely between the company and client(s) who are purchasing and/or therefore wearing the custom- made garment. If your name is not included in this contract, Ladii Luxe is NOT obligated to discuss the agreement or details with anyone than  the parties in this binding agreement.

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