TUTU Care Instructions

Ladii Luxe

Cleaning Directions 

Ladii Luxe tutu skirts and tutu dresses are created with comfort in mind and a whole lot of luxurious fun.  

Here are some tips on how to best care for your tutu: 

  • DO NOT wash your tutu skirt / dress in the washing machine
  • DO NOT (EVER) put your tutu skirt / dress in the dryer, this will destroy your tutu. The drying process will rip and destroy the delicate tulle.
  • The best washing method for your tutu skirt or dress is to spot clean the dirty areas with soap and cold water. Rinse it thoroughly, comb your fingers through each layer of tulle.
  • If the entire tutu skirt/dress is dirty, instead of spot cleaning, cold handwash the item in the sink and follow the same instructions as spot cleaning Flatten out the tutu on a flat surface once it is all wet and wipe it gently with a non-abrasive soapy cloth or even try a baby wipe. Baby wipes can remove stubborn stains in small areas. Apply the same process for both the top and the bottom of the tutu dress. 
  • Hang the tutu skirt or dress on a clothes hanger, indoors to dry. This will assist with a wrinkle free tutu once it is dry, it will also help the tulle to dry straight.

Taking Out Wrinkles 

Who doesn’t love a beautifully crisp tutu skirt / dress with a lovely straight tulle skirt. So, let’s talk about how to remove the wrinkles from your tutu: 

  • DO NOT (EVER) IRON Tulle… Never Ever! You will destroy it, itit will melt the tulle.  
  • You can also try a hand-held steamer but ensure it’s on a very low setting! And do not place the steamer too close to the fabric because it will destroy it. Tulle does not like heat!
  • You can also try a steam from your shower. Steam up the bathroom well and comb your fingers through the tulle to separate the layers and detangle. I should help de-wrinkle the tulle.
  • You can dip the tulle skirt into cold water and then hang up the tutu. Detangle the tulle with your fingers if required and then allow the weight of the wet tulle de-wrinkle the tulle as it drip dries.

Frayed Ends 

You will find that your little girl will want to wear her tutu always…even to bed! With so much wear and play the tulle can become frayed. If this happens simply take the dress off and use a sharp pair of scissors to cut the frayed ends off the tulle. Easy! 


The best storage solution for a tutu skirt or dress is to hand them on a clothes hanger. This will ensure that the tulle does not crease, and the garment retains its lovely shape until the next time your little girl wants to wear it. 

You can also store your tutu skirt or tutu dress in a box, but you will have to remove the wrinkles and shape it and fluff it back into shape.